Tweedes Kans Cove

Tweedes Kans Cove is a fictional city appearing in the Unoma Nwankwor Universe. It is the home of the DuBois- Arazi family. First appearing in 2019 with A Promise Fulfilled. Region: Tweede Kans Cove is a prosperous small town in the Northern part of Africa. It is located in Morocco. It’s has a narrow oval … Continue reading Tweedes Kans Cove

A Sitdown With Rasheed & Ibiso Danjuma

So we’ve come to the end of the week, I hope you’ve enjoyed being reacquainted( or meeting) with Rasheed & Ibiso. Anyway, I found this little piece from a sit down I had with these two. It was right after Jabir’s wedding. I cornered them and we had a small chat. You know Rasheed is not … Continue reading A Sitdown With Rasheed & Ibiso Danjuma