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When You Let Go: A Snippet

When You Let Go cover3

Hey y’all remember the name of my  WIP was Amarachi~ The Grace of God.

Editor Feedback: Amarachi was a complex name. The Grace of God was too generic. So a title change was suggested.

Amara’s story is one where she had to let go of pain to be open to forgive and receive. So the new title is…When You Let Go

Enjoy another snippet. I’m almost there, I’ll announce a release date soon

Pulling a chair, Ejike sat with an exaggerated grin on his face. “I’m sure you guys wouldn’t mind if I joined your party.”

How did he find her? Amara opened her mouth to speak, when Ejike continued while glaring at Devon.

“You must have the magic touch to get my wife to laugh like that,” he said. “She did tell you she is married, right?”

Devon had a confused look on his face. His eyes traveled from her to Ejike. “I’d hate for you to go to hell because you drank from another man’s well,” Ejike said.

Amara’s jaw dropped. How dare he act like she was doing something wrong? If she didn’t do something he would end up costing her this client. “Devon Roberson, meet my husband Ejike Dike,” she said.

Devon extended his hand. “Nice to meet you,” he said.

Ejike ignored his hand. “I wish I could say it was a pleasure.”

That’s it she had had enough. Amara stood up. “Excuse us,” she said to Devon. “I’ll be back shortly.”

Ejike stood. “Don’t bother, I’ll see myself out.” He turned around and left without a backward glance.

©Unoma Nwankwor2014

Coming Spring 2014

Fantastic News~ What ‘An Unexpected Blessing’

I’coverm still on my high. Can’t contain myself. My debut novel, An Unexpected Blessing was featured and reviewed on USA Today!!! USA Today!! Click here to read the review.

Also click here to read the review on Africa Book Club

An Unexpected Blessing is available on Amazon, Barnes& Nobles & The iStore in paperback & e format.

#Humbled #Blessed


Giveaway!!! Win 4 Autographed Books Worth $50

Hey Y’all.

It’s November 1st. Can you believe it? November 1st. I just finished my blog anniversary and I’ll announce the winners of the contest later today. As you know, I decided to give away 5 books from my shelf. Anyway the giving felt so good that I will be doing it more often now. I mean what’s mine is your right? 🙂

Well I’m here to tell you about another giveaway. This time I’m teaming up with a couple of my fellow Nigerian writers. Those who have been following me for a while and are not Nigerian know that the slang name for Nigeria is Naija right?

Suffice to say this give away is called the Naija Sister Writers Giveaway

NaijaSisterWriters_BookGiveawayThe contest is open to all regardless of country of residence. Please note that contestants are required to complete all steps in this giveaway.

By entering this giveaway, contestants agree to abide by the picture requirement. Completing each step earns contestants 10 points.

1. Please follow the authors on Twitter. Twitter handles are: @YejideKilanko, @TolulopePopoola, @bimbylads, @unwankwor

2. Please tweet about the event.

3. Please note that the winner will be required to send a picture of the gift package when received. By submitting your picture to the NAIJA SISTER WRITERS giveaway, you agree to allow your image to be used for marketing purposes by the contest sponsors.

4. Please click on this link to enter the contest on The entry box is at the bottom of the page.

You can read synopsis of these books below:

Nothing Comes Close by Tolulope Popoola

Daughters Who Walk This Path by Yejide Kilanko

The Small Print by AbimbolaDare

And then of course yours truly’s An Unexpected Blessing

Thank you for entering the contest and all the best!


It’s My Party!

Wrapped_GiftsI have told the story a thousand times… I got the gift to write from God but the actual push came from my husband. I remember the day he saw my personal library overflowing with books.

“Babe, I see all these books, where is yours?” he asked That was six years ago. My blog was born and then followed my book, An Unexpected Blessing.  Suffice to say that before I even thought about writing one word, I was and still am a book addict. I mean it, seriously…so I thought what better way to celebrate my blog’s birthday than to introduce you to the books that I read. And the authors I admire..

I will be giving away five books.

Pat Simmons: I call Ms. Pat my “shero”, her books have me up till 3 a.m on a work night. Yeah that good. When I finally talked to her, she was just as down to earth as I imagined. I wanted to give way my best book by her, Crowning Glory but its not in an e format. So here is  Stopping Traffic. Thank me later and try out her Guilty will take a whole post to talk about those Jameison men.stopping




Rhonda McKnight: I really admire this author. She has a lot of great books, I like all her books. But I’m giving away An Inconvenient Friend, after reading it you might knock over people trying to get to the sequel What Kind of While you are at it you might wanna check out her new book Breaking All The Rules, its on my to be read (4)




Salt Bola Essien-Nelson: She is my sister pillar, my big sis and a woman spreading the message of Christ in the simplest of terms. She is the brain behind the Desperate Naija Woman series. Now she has a new book out True Confessions, and I’m giving it to you!





Yejide Kilanko:  She is my sister in pen. She is another sister pillar that God has blessed me with. I want to introduce her book Daughters Who Walk This Path to you. Her new book will be out next spring.





Finally, Norma Jarret: I haven’t read her work but she is a true woman of God. Dropping nuggets that give you food for thought. She is known for light hearted books that spread the message and provides humor at the same time. I have her latest book  Love On A Budget on my to read list but I’m giving it to you…tell me what you think would you?





I might have to do another giveaway soon cos this list doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. Of  the authors I love and are so into…but for now here are the rules:

You have to:

1. Like my Facebook page

2. Follow me on Twitter

3. Comment on this post ( You have to do 1&2 above then come here to let me know)

4. Have an Kindle or Nook. The books to be given away are E books ONLY!

5. Offer ends Oct 31st at midnight EST. Winners will be announced November 1st

Thank you for supporting me.  I feel so blessed to know these women and do what I do…..Weaving Stories of Faith, Hope & Love….

Be Blessed