Sample Sunday:You Can’t Be Serious!

Hey there! Happy Sunday. I'm so close to the end and I'm thrilled. For a minute there I thought I wouldn't finish this book in time for a 2021 release. Now, I'm very hopeful. So it's time to share another sample. Can't set it up or it'll give away too much. But I want to … Continue reading Sample Sunday:You Can’t Be Serious!

Sample Sunday: Because It’s Mine

All Back To School preparations done. Now that the kids are now in their second week of in person learning.(I'm feverently praying things keep sailing smoothly), I can pick my manuscript back up. I'm still looking for the perfect stock for a cover but I can share with you an unedited sample from #DestinyFulfilled. I'm … Continue reading Sample Sunday: Because It’s Mine

Sample Sunday: That’s Why You Were Creeping.

Hey there! Happy Sunday. Was chatting with my brothers some days ago (I have four of them) and thought about the dynamic of one of my fictional families- The Danjumas. Those brothers always give their sister a hard time. It's a good thing I am the oldest of my brothers 🙂 In this sample, the … Continue reading Sample Sunday: That’s Why You Were Creeping.